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We have made it really easy for you to start meeting Singles for Marriage through our website.   Just look through our online profiles and let us know who you wish to meet.

We have over 300 clients from the Midlands to London.  Majority of our clients are Medical, Finance & Education Professionals.  All on good steady income.

We are the UKs ONLY  Marriage Introduction Agency dedicated to Professionals!  Plus you get to meet all our members Face to Face!

We attract new clients on a daily basis.  We get approx 300 views on our website per day!

This is a fantastic Network to join if you are looking to meet someone for Marriage.




The Muslim Matchmaker



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– Tell us a bit about yourself and what you are looking for
– Have a look at our Singles online and tell us who you wish to meet
– We take care of planning the whole meeting, you just turn up!
– Let us know how it went and we arrange the next steps, simple!

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– UK employed professionals / UK Expats
– UK Graduates / qualified individuals
– Ex professionals / retired professionals
– High Net Worth individuals / High Income Earning individuals
– Entrepreneurs

Our network above is made up of the following individuals:
– Single never married
– Previously Married individuals
– Single Parents
– Different Ethnicities
– Reverts









We attract many High Net Worth clients and High Income earners due to our niche and service offerings. If you are of a similar calibre and are interested in meeting with these clients for marriage please contact us to join our Premier Network.  A joining fee is applicable to join this exclusive network.  Join via our online Sign Up Form then send us a Message on the Contact Page and we will get in touch with you to proceed further.



Due to our niche we attract private Male clients who wish to have a more personal matchmaking experience. We pride ourselves in offering a personal package that meets your needs. A dedicated senior matchmaker will work with you to find you love in a short space of time. This service is ideal for busy professionals, or for those clients that know they are now ready and want to get married within the next few months. These clients tend to be focused and very committed to investing their time to make the relationship work.  To join this service you must be earning in the region of £100,000 or more, or a High Net Worth client.  Join via our online Sign Up Form then send us a Message on the Contact Page and we will get in touch with you to proceed further.

Our package includes:
– 3 Month intense private matchmaking service
– Personal Matchmaker Relationship Director
– Direct Personal Number
– Face to face consultation and meetings
– We recruit and interview single females on your behalf
– Meet up to 10 shortlisted single females in one day at a face to face Networking Mixer Event
– 3 Mini dates on the day with 3 Single Females you select
– 2 separate Dinner Dates with 2 of the Single Females you then shortlisted
– Master Activity Day Date planned how you wish with the Single Female you selected
– Matchmaker at your side throughout to support you with the process and to chaperone dates
– Meeting with the family to take your contact forward
– Matchmaker available for support after you find your love and leave our service






Secure some sessions with our Relationship Coach to get you the results you want in your marriage dating life.

The Accelerator is popular with Males, especially in the following instances:
– Where they have no one to talk to about deep, meaningful issues they need help with
– Where they feel uncomfortable talking about issues with their parents, siblings or friends
– Want to learn things about the opposite sex they do not know about (from personalities, body issues, martial issues, sexual issues)
– Generally find it difficult to approach and speak to new women
– May come from a segregated background where there has not been much experience of mixing with the opposite gender
– Outside of work, does not have an active social life with mixed networks
– Minimal or no previous dating / relationship experience
– Someone that chooses not engage with many women as part of their everyday life
– May have had unsuccessful experiences in the past and needs encouragement to kick start your personal life
– Wants to learn how to have a successful healthy marriage
– Wants to improve themselves and put their best foot forward

Some of the ways the Accelerator can improve your personal life:
– Safe, confidential environment to talk about anything that concerns you with an expert
– Share and let go of any deep personal emotions and experience that are holding you back
– Unravel any barriers and unconscious thoughts
– Learn strategies and techniques to help boost your confidence and how you come across
– Learn how to communicate better with women
– Learn what women want from a relationship
– Review what you have done in the past and get feedback on what you should do differently
– Learn how to prepare before marriage dates, how to follow meetings up and secure your next meeting
– Techniques to manage your work and personal life
– Set personal goals and targets to achieve over the course of your coaching
– Get coached throughout the process from start to end, whenever you need it most

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– We can proudly say we are the ONLY Halal service available
– We are the ONLY UK Service catering for SINGLE MUSLIM PROFESSIONALS!
– We have Singles all over the UK
– We are not a dating website, we only promote marriage
– We are the ONLY service which meets every client before you do
– We are the ONLY service to check ID documents, employment details to ensure our clients are genuine
– We are the ONLY service to complete a reference check with a family member
– We are the ONLY service to arrange face to face Match meetings
– Meetings take place at one of our Approved venues across the UK, making it safe for our clients
– Chaperones attend meetings to ensure everything is above board
– All contact is exchanged through us, making it safe for our clients
– You are not tied into any monthly fee contracts
– Our service can be used on a Pay as You Go basis giving you full control
– You can have as many meetings as you like with Singles

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